Whitening Strips vs Laser Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re going on a date or meeting an important client, whether you’re answering the door or strolling down the park, there is always one compliment that can be heard universally: “you have such a great smile!”

Depending on your situation, this may be a blessing or a boon. Should I show me teeth or should I hide them? Should I brush my teeth more or should I simply floss more often? Should I go for laser teeth whitening or whitening strips?

Everyone will agree that a smile goes a long way. So, how do we make that smile better? Which solution is the best for you?

I just want it to be simple
If you’re not focused mainly on quality but would rather try out a solution that’s simply within reach, then it’s clear that whitening strips are definitely the DIY approach while laser teeth whitening requires planning and meetings with a qualified dental practitioner.

I feel that my problems are more serious 
Some of our problems are skin deep. Are your teeth in the same situation? Although whitening strips are easy to get, suffice to say that it may not be as potent as laser teeth whitening. The powerful lasers used by the accredited dentists tend to go deeper and, in a way, clean your teeth more efficiently.

I want the cheapest
If finances are an issue, then you may want to look away from laser teeth whitening. We are talking about a procedure here and although prices do fluctuate, you can expect whitening strips to be cheaper.

I only want the best
Who doesn’t? We’ve kept this question for last because, frankly, this isn’t an answer that can be backed through scientific data. We usually tend to believe that since laser teeth whitening involves a whole procedure, it must be more efficient, professional and with long-lasting results, but in truth, it can’t be said for sure. This procedure lasts for up to a year but is not permanent and obviously neither are whitening strips.

What does this mean for you? It simply means that you must try the one that appeals to you. One of the main reason why there are so many choices is simply that none of them rose above the fray. They all offer various means to a common goal. Simply put, don’t second doubt it, whichever you pick, you’re not making a bad decision; you’re making a decision that will end with a whiter smile.