Assessing the Credentials of Your Cosmetic Dentist

Before committing to any cosmetic dentist, there are certain things to which you need to pay close attention. The before and after photographs of past clients as well as the competitive prices for their services are important – especially if you have never been to a cosmetic dentist before in the past at all. However, the credentials of that dental professional should play an instrumental role in your decision-making process.

Check for the Standard Licensing

One of the first things that you should check thoroughly is the standard licensing of the cosmetic dentist. In most cases, the best dentists will have all of their credentials (including certificates, licenses and awards) hanging on the walls of their office. When speaking with them during your initial consultation, take a few moments to explore, examine and even ask questions about these documents.

Conduct a Background Check

In addition to checking for the standard licensing and other credentials of your cosmetic dentist, the next step to take before committing to either one of them is to conduct a background check. The purpose of the background check is primarily to verify their references and credentials as being accurate and credible. For example, you can call the state board to confirm that their license is still active and not currently being investigated. You can also get in contact with their dental school and other educational institutions to confirm their graduation and degrees.

Check for a Master Ceramist

One of the major highlights of the average cosmetic dentistry practice is to have a master ceramist on their staff. When it comes to working with the different types of ceramics (or even porcelain) to create and customize the variety of aesthetics offered, using a master ceramist provides a superior level of quality that cannot easily be duplicated. Checking for a master ceramist is just like checking for their licenses and other forms of credentials and certifications simply because having a master ceramist on board should assure you that you will be receiving the best service possible.

The Bottom Line

When selecting a cosmetic dentist, you can basically open a phone book or choose a listing from an online directory at random. However, if you are only interested in receiving the best quality service from this dental professional, then your best bet would be to take the necessary steps to confirm their credentials and do your homework to identify the best successfully.